Super Red Riding Hood (and other not-so-spooky costume ideas)

Claudia Davila’s Super Red Riding Hood has been a favorite in our read-aloud rotation for several weeks now. No surprise, really- the story has a lot going for it: adorable illustrations, a spunky heroine, and a just scary enough (but definitely not too scary!) wolf. I love a classic fairy tale, but sometimes life can be frightening enough for kids. So around our house, we love the gentler versions of these classic tales. Super Red Riding Hood definitely qualifies!

This Halloween my five year old will be stalking the neighborhood as The Big Bad Wolf (except according to him, “I’m a good wolf”). The two year old will, of course, be Super Red Riding Hood. Probably. Unless she changes her mind. Which is actually pretty likely. So it might be The Big Bad (good) Wolf and a fierce little lion on Halloween. Only time will tell.


I put together the wolf costume using a gray hoodie, some felt, and a hot glue gun. I will never get over hot glue guns. So easy! So quick! So perfect for a Halloween costume that might only be worn once!


Super Red’s hood was a little more complicated, and I actually broke out the seldom-used sewing machine for this one. I followed a pattern from the incredible book, Little Things to Sew by Liesl Gibson:

Many of the projects from this book are simple enough to only require an hour or two, but you’d never know it from the phenomenal results! Gibson’s instructions are clear and helpful, and the photos throughout are gorgeous. This red riding cape was an “easy” project, and I finished in a couple of hours (including that time I had to rip open seams after sewing them the wrong way). You should know I’m not a veteran seamstress by any means; I’m the type that starts a project only if it can be completed in a naptime. This one definitely fit the bill. It’s not perfect, but it turns out two year olds don’t care about crooked seams!

If you’re looking for some other book-inspired costume ideas (without sewing a single stitch!), here are a few we’ve loved:


Curious George:  A brown hoodie, some felt, and a hot glue gun


The Man in the Yellow Hat: Thrifted white pants and shirt dyed yellow, felt and (you guessed it!) hot glue for the tie and hat



Olivia: I picked up this dress online from The Children’s Place last season (on clearance no less!), but any combination of red and black could work. Hot glued some beige felt on a headband for pig ears.

Pete the Cat: Recognize that yellow shirt? Throw on some big colorful buttons and blue cat ears, and you’ve got everyone’s favorite groovy cat! (Yes, one button is missing.  I guess it popped off and rolled away.  You know how it is.)


A quick search on Pinterest will turn up even more storybook costume ideas totally within reach for a quick DIY this week. Here were some of my favorites (linked to original posters when available):






Can you believe these cute and clever costumes? Looks like it’s time to warm up that glue gun!

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