Little Knitters for Little Hands

After reading (and loving!) Little Owl’s Orange Scarf, I started wondering if there was an easy way to introduce knitting to young kids.  Enter: spool knitters!  Sometimes called French knitters or tomboy knitters, you can find pre-manufactured versions at just about any craft store.  But it’s so easy to make your own!img_0123

We made one traditional spool knitter (with a wooden spool and 4 nails) as well as one bigger version (with a paper tube and popsicle sticks) that’s a bit simpler for small hands.


  1. Hammer 4 nails into the top of the spool, evenly spaced
  2.  Thread the yarn down through the top of the spool so it hangs out the bottom
  3. Wrap the thread around each nail so the threads cross in the middle
  4. After each nail is wrapped individually, wrap the yarn around all four of them together.  Each nail should have a bottom and top line of yarn.
  5. Pinch the bottom line of yarn and pull it over the top, releasing it into the middle.  That nail should now only have the top line of yarn remaining.
  6. Repeat this step until all four nails only have one line of yarn.
  7. Repeat steps 4-6, pulling on the yarn thread out the bottom of the spool
    to encourage it down.  Continue until your “scarf” is as long as you want it!img_0134

The process is the same for the bigger version of the knitting spool.  Simply attach the popsicle sticks with tape and continue from there!








All the little animal (and princess and superhero) friends in your house are sure to be extra cozy on these blustery fall days!

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