North, South, East, West

Making your own weather vane just takes a couple of minutes and a few supplies you probably have lying around your house (or backyard!):

img_08131.  Divide your paper plate into 4 quadrants and label them North, South, West, and East


2. Poke a small hole in the bottom of your plastic container, then fill with rocks.


3.  Replace the lid and center it on your paper plate.

4.  Poke your pencil down through the hole, steadied among the rocks.


5.  Push the straight pin through the center of your straw and into the pencil eraser


6.  Clip the ends of the straw- top and bottom on both sides.  This will give you a place to attach your arrow (or little bird!)img_0808img_0807









Use a compass to correctly align your weather vane outdoors and see which way the wind blows!




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